Repairing the harm and loss caused by crime.
If you wish to make a difference in your community while gaining work experience, enhancing your career objectives, developing new skills, or to pursue a new interest, then you should consider volunteering with us.  Positions available for volunteers include Facilitator, Community Representative, or Board member.

Volunteers must be 19 years old and undergo a screening process that includes a criminal record check, a child abuse registry search, and an interview with a staff member in our office. Volunteers must be prepared to make a one-year commitment.
Volunteers are trained in several different areas including the Youth Criminal Justice Act, facilitation, working with victims of crime.

As a volunteer, there are rewarding benefits that can be utilized throughout life. In addition to the many networking opportunities that will present themselves while working in the community, volunteers receive skill development training in:
- Facilitation for various Restorative Justice Processes
- Restorative Justice Philosophy, Principles and Models.
- Communication skills and techniques

Volunteers also gain new skills for career development in law, criminology and social work.

Cumberland Restorative Justice Society has a volunteer board of directors that meets five - six times a year.

Our society depends on community participation to ensure the success of the program.

To request a volunteer form email