Repairing the harm and loss caused by crime.
Cumberland Restorative Justice Society is a non-profit organization governed by a volunteer board of directors that provides community based services to youth and adults in conflict with the law, and at risk youth, in Cumberland County. The agency also provides service to victims of crime.

Cumberland Restorative Justice Society contracts with the Nova Scotia Department of Justice to offer two programs: The Restorative Justice Program and the Community Service Order Program.

The Restorative Justice Program holds youths ages 12 - 17 accountable for their actions and provides an opportunity to repair the harm done through those actions. The program allows these amends to be made through a face-to-face meeting with the victim and community members allowing the young person to take responsibility, participate in determining how amends will be made, hear how their behaviour has affected the community and everyone involved, and for the young person to ask for help with problems that contributed to the wrongdoing.

The Community Service Order Program is available to youth and adult offenders in Cumberland County. Referrals to this program are made by a probation officer after the offender has been sentenced in Court. Community Service Work may or may not be a part of a probation order. Placements are arranged in the communities in which the client resides. Placements are non-profit, publicly funded or community based organizations. Should the client not complete their community service hours, they may be referred back to Court and face separate charges under the Youth Criminal Justice Act or Criminal Code of Canada.

Cumberland Restorative Justice Society also offer a number of helpful programs such as Anger Management, Stoplifting, etc.

Anger Management referrals accepted through community partners.